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Group Health Trust

The 英雄联盟s10外围 Group Health Trust sponsors the Society's Group Health Program and Plan. 

The 英雄联盟s10外围 Group Health Program offers medical, dental, vision, and long term disability insurance programs for 英雄联盟s10外围 Affiliate Firm Members.

Interested in more information about the group health insurance programs offered?

Group Health Trust Board of Trustees



January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2023

James A. Carnegie, Chair
Brendan A. Hoem, Secretary


Terms expiring 2023

  • Darlene E. Boles
  • David A. Buettner
  • Donald W. Schmidt
  • Michael N. Stone

Terms expiring 2024

  • Stanley C. Compton
  • Brendan A. Hoem
  • Gary S. Leavitt
  • Patrick Priest

Terms expiring 2025

  • James A. Carnegie
  • Geoffrey T. Dougall
  • Sherri LD McPherson

Terms expire December 31


Contact Jennifer Kelson; 503-597-5488 / 800-255-1470, ext. 123